Nguyen Van Duong’s Imprisonment Location – Comprehensive Explanation

During the monitoring and investigation process, the police discovered that Nguyen Van Duong was the leader of a multi-billion gambling ring, colluding with Phan Sao Nam. Moreover, Nguyen Van Duong was found to have a 20% profit-sharing contract with General Nguyen Thanh Hoa for protection.

Gambling nguyen van duong rikvip Ring Exposed through Deception

In May 2017, the Provincial Police of Phu Tho received a report about an individual who exploited social media to defraud Vo Minh P., residing in Viet Tri, Phu Tho province. She was deceived into paying over 50 million dong through phone card payments. After conducting an investigation, the Provincial Police of Phu Tho gathered sufficient evidence and verified that the fraudster was Le Van Huy (21 years old).

Huy used hacking techniques to gain access to the social media account of Ms. P’s relative, who was living and working overseas. He then messaged Ms. P, requesting her to purchase phone cards and send the card codes to him. This continued with increasing amounts of money. Suspecting something amiss, Ms. P attempted to call her relative to verify the situation and realized that she had been deceived.

Discovery of Multi-Billion Gambling Ring after the Fraud Incident

In July 2017, Le Van Huy was arrested for investigation regarding his fraudulent activities and embezzlement. During the confession process, it was revealed that Huy had used the embezzled funds to deposit into an online card game portal called Rikvip. This information led to the revelation of a transnational online gambling network led by Nguyen Van Duong, which prompted the initiation of an investigation.

Profit-Sharing Contract of 20% for Protection from a Police General

According to the information gathered during the investigation, Dương’s company had been operating the gambling ring since 2014. Within a short period, the gambling network had established 25 agents across 13 provinces and cities nationwide. The server was located in Hanoi and several overseas locations to serve both domestic and international gamblers.

Given that a company engaged in openly illegal activities within Phu Tho province went unnoticed by the authorities, the question arises: why? The answer lies in a contract facilitated by Nguyen Thanh Hoa, the Director of the C50 Division, who supported Dương’s company’s operations. In the contract, CNC would receive 80% of the profits, while C50 would receive 20%. Therefore, the whereabouts of the ringleader Nguyen Van Duong’s imprisonment location is the focal point.

Phan Sao Nam’s Role

Phan Sao Nam was known as the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of VTC Online and was instrumental in the development and operation of the Rikvip/ online gambling portal with over 43,000 participants. Nam received 60% of the profits, while Duong enjoyed 40% of the proceeds from the online portal.

Where is Nguyen Van Duong Imprisoned?

After the investigation and verification of the criminal acts committed by Nguyen Van Duong and Phan Sao Nam, on November 30, 2018, the Panel of Judges at the People’s Court of Phu Tho province pronounced the verdict in the case of the multi-billion-dong gambling scheme. The specific verdict was as follows:

Nguyen Van Duong (46 years old, Chairman of CNC Company) was sentenced to 10 years in prison, comprising 5 years for organizing gambling and 5 years for money laundering.

Phan Sao Nam (39 years old, Chairman and Director of VTC Online Company) received a 5-year prison sentence, including 2 years for organizing gambling and 3 years for money laundering.