Is there a way to tell if your partner is really in love?

One question that everyone asks themselves at the very beginning of a relationship: will the other be really in love? Absolute certainties are not of this world, but you can get an idea

How to tell if your partner is in love

It will be the fault of liquid relationships, but between dating apps and complicated stories, love is increasingly a very demanding “job”. Between uncertainty and instability, it is undeniable that – especially in the early stages – it is very difficult to understand if the game is worth the candle, and if it is really worth investing in the other person.

In the subtle game of negotiations that take place in the couple, what always seems to escape is precisely the fundamental concept: will the other person really be in love with us? You can join

It’s easy to go wrong, and often if you’re first-person in love (or deeply enamored) it’s not easy to step back and look at the facts from above to lucidly assess them. But a series of very, very useful clues can be gathered.

So here are some signs of true love to look for in your partner.

Love, falling in love, infatuation: the differences can be explained by psychology


Love, falling in love, infatuation: the differences can be explained by psychology

Take small actions that make a difference

If a man is in love seriously, those details that usually escape him (and, let’s face it, miss men a lot) begin to be clearly visible, as falling in love stimulates emotional attention of the mind and therefore makes it more receptive. These spontaneous gestures which cannot be the result of fiction or of hidden interests such as the frequency of messages and calls, long discussions, the curiosity to know everything about you and to make small sacrifices confirm his real implication.

What goes into the brain when you fall in love?


What goes into the brain when you fall in love?

He recognizes your tastes

Why join A man is in love if he remembers your favorite food or the movie that makes your heart beat or the city he always dreamed of living in or the place you can’t wait to visit: the attitude to listen to and to memorize. information about you is typical of a man who feels through his feelings. Of course, not all men are good observers, and he doesn’t necessarily like you if he doesn’t remember your lucky color. But tastes are one of the first important signs that you are showing more care for you.

He looks for you with his eyes

If he doesn’t lose sight of you and constantly searches for you when you’re in public, that means there’s more than just interest. Observe the movements of his eyes: how he looks at you, how often he does it, how he communicates with you beyond eroticism. The female sixth sense is a great counselor.

He listens to you

We all know a gesture is worth a thousand words. To find out if he really loves you, look at his attitude. Even if he talks fondly to you but completely ignores you when you tell him what you would like to do, don’t try to convince yourself that actions matter less than what he says because they are the best proof of his. love.

You can trust him

Can you honestly say, “Do I trust him? When your self-confidence is undeniable and without hesitation, if you trust your man without questioning, it’s time to consider a long-term relationship.

He can’t imagine his future without you

If he tells you that he can no longer imagine life without you, it means that in a way the love and commitment to you is unquestionable. And if the thing is reciprocal, it means that you are building something really important.

He is always there for you

If he says “I love you” and he’s always there for you, in the good times but especially in the bad, between the ups and downs of life, without conditions, making you feel better than you would not be if he was not there, then there are doubts: it is enough to give in to his love!

The feeling of caring for each other is wonderful: it makes us live the relationship for a long time and makes us satisfied. But for this, it’s essential to pay attention to each other, avoiding bad habits that, in the long run, could ruin the relationship of the couple. If you are curious about what they are, here is an interesting article on bad habits that are bad for love.