Is it safe opt for investing risks on bitcoin?

To understand if it is safe to invest in bitcoin you must attend to two factors: the security of the bitcoin system (the famous blockchain) and the guarantee of bitcoin as a financial instrument.

As for the security of the blockchain, here is a discusion about its robustness. In this regard, you should ask yourself the following questions: Is the blockchain solid? Can your bitcoin be stolen from you? Can blockchain be hacked?

On the other hand, regarding bitcoin as a financial instrument, you should know if cryptocurrencies are a safe asset where you can deposit your money.

Is bitcoin reliable?

Once you understand how bitcoin works, it is easier to understand its security. As you should already know, bitcoin is supported by a network of interconnected computers known as blockchain. In order to operate with internet currency, these computers have installed software, the design of which has been specifically designed to ensure the security of bitcoin. The weak points of a blockchain-based system are, usually, that the blockchain is modified and what is known as double spend or double spending in bitcoin.

Modifying the Blockchain is impossible

The blockchain allows registering transactions without the participation of centralized regulators. Theoretically, with the help of this technology it is possible to carry out any process that involves the interaction of several participants and intermediaries in a much more efficient way. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are trying to become such a solution in the payments market, but this is just one of the many possible applications of the technology.

How to invest in blockchain

Investors interested in investing in blockchain thinks about the investing risks.  Though they can do it in two ways. They can buy cryptocurrencies directly, like bitcoin or ethereum. The problem is that by buying cryptocurrencies you are not investing in the blockchain itself. In order for your investments to be profitable in the long term, two conditions must be met. First, blockchain technology should justify expectations and take hold in various markets; Secondly, a given cryptocurrency should become a really useful tool, since the current value of cryptocurrencies is merely speculative. It is very possible that the blockchain receives the recognition it deserves and is widely used in various industries, and that cryptocurrencies do not resist the passage of time and end up losing all their value.