Hello Kitty SVG or Hello Kittyíªs Friend SVG

Many people love Hello Kitty and using Hello Kitty SVG for their cut projects, me too, but we should not forget Hello Kitty’s friend my melody, a very cute carton character, also a lovely carton for little girl, here is Hello Kitty’s friends

Now let’s see how my melody created and her background, very interesting.

My Melody (Latin character notation: My Melody) is a group of characters for character goods designed in Sanrio. Melody’s main character is anthropomorphized in Little Red Riding Hood-style with a rabbit motif and known as “Melody-chan” and “My Melody”.


In Japan, it is a popular character on par with Hello Kitty of the same Sanrio. In contrast to Hello Kitty’s high symbolic name, Little Red Riding Hood-based My Melody, along with Little Twin Stars, is one of the few Sanrio characters with a narrative character. Goods are also being sold outside Japan.

Melody Character development in 1975. The first goods will be on sale at the end of the same year.

Initially, like Hello Kitty, it was a character for girls and children, but now it is popular with many generations, and many adult goods are on sale.

In the beginning, it was positioned as a character that replaced the names of “Little Red Riding Hood” (Little Red Riding Hood, grandmother) with animals. It was called “Little Red Riding Hood (Little Red Riding Hood)” It was named “My Melody” in 1976, and since then there has been little direct connection with “Little Red Riding Hood” in the character settings, and animals of “friends” have appeared accordingly. In 2000, a reprint of the goods from the “Little Red Riding Hood” era was released.

Early My Melody goods had only red hoods, but in 1977, goods with pink hoods were released. After that, pink ones have been the mainstream for a long time.

Today, try to make cut project with my melody – Hello Kitty’s best friend