Creating seamless patterns using Hello Kitty SVG

Adobe Illustrator is the ultimate powerful and intuitive tool for creating seamless patterns. All you need is the necessary skills and artistic hobby basics to use this software. The whole process takes 5-30 minutes, and in most cases, the result looks professional (Illustrator handles the technical side, leaving only the artistic side).

Create basic elements

Open Illustrator and create a new document. We recommend that you select the RGB colouring mode when printing patterns.

Then create or import some vector objects that form a seamless pattern. Just place some basic geometric shapes such as rectangles, circles and ellipses.

Choose the geometry, colour, and width of the outline stroke and place as many as you think are appropriate. This is our combination:

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Note: You can add any vector element. Be careful not to be too detailed so that the pattern looks good even if it is zoomed out. Also note that the more features you include, the harder it is to distribute them throughout the way evenly.

Build a pattern

Now let’s create a seamless pattern.

1. Select all the parts you want to include.

2. Go to Object-Pattern-Create.

This pattern options window is displayed. The new pattern doesn’t look perfect and hasn’t been improved yet.

Final adjustment

You can add and remove elements now. Change the colour, size and position. Readjust the shape so that all components are evenly distributed. You can also make the copy transparent using the Dim Copy option.

Please change the colour to your liking.

Your pattern is ready. You can access, edit, and apply at any time by clicking the Swatches panel on the right side of the Adobe Illustrator window.

Let’s test it. Add and select a simple shape and click on the swatch you just created. The pattern should be applied to the following forms: