How to install Ubuntu 11.10 on the Toshiba L745D/P745D

As you have noticed, installing Ubuntu 11.10 directly on the Toshiba L745D/P745D (A6-3400M) is not possible.  There are a few problems that you must first resolve.  First of all, the maximum amount of partitions is used – 4.  Next, the AMD 6520g video card is not supported by the open source driver.  And lastly there are some BIOS bugs that you must work around.  Fortunately there is a work around for each problem and below you will find the steps required to get your notebook up and running with Ubuntu.
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A day in Gdańsk

Ryan Air is the best thing that has ever happened to people who love to travel thanks to the insanely priced tickets.  A common complaint about the airline is that it rarely lands in major airports due to the prohibitive airport taxes that eliminate its’ value.  I for one see this as something positive, as it gives you an excuse to visit another city/region.  This time around my journey from Warsaw lead me to Gdańsk – thanks to Ryan Air.

Neptune's fountain

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A day in Warsaw

I returned to Poland for one week to visit my family in Warsaw. I took the opportunity to take some pictures of all the places I use to frequent when I was studying there. The city has changed quite a bit during a very short time, and so have its’ people. I took my trusty XSi along with me on that day, but more and more I regret not getting the Canon 18-200 mm lens – probably the best lens for urban hiking.

Old town square

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